Monday, June 13, 2011

Like Animals

As soon as summer hits it seems like London throws some amazing events to try and coax its residents out of hibernation. One of them is Zoo Lates at the London Zoo. During a couple of months in summer they open the Zoo hours up until ten at night and put on some more food and entertainment.

A big group of us booked tickets (and even dressed in animal print)so we met there one Friday night to tick something off the London to-do list as well as having a fun night out. We were lucky that the weather was in our favour and we had a nice warm sunny evening to sit around in the gardens and drink some Pimms before heading off around the exhibits. To be honest I was a bit surprised we got to see as many as the exhibits as we did but we had a good chance to walk all the way around the zoo and see heaps of the animals.

After about an hour we gave up on watching the animals and headed back to the main area where we sat for a while and grab some food before heading into the silent disco. I had never silent discoed before but I am telling you it is my new favourite thing. For those of you who haven't done it - go find one!

They give you some headphones that have two different music channels so you put them on and start dancing to whatever song you chose. Everyone else around you is dancing too but you don't know what they are dancing too. Half way through a song someone will tap you and be like 'listen to this song' so you would change and start dancing to that one. Or you could be jamming out to some new Rihanna song and and turn around to see half of the people doing the YMCA. The best part was when you would take your headphones off and hear everyone singing out loud.

Sadly the night ended too quickly and as the sun set we danced away to the last song before having to hang back our headsets and make our way home. It was such a great chance to see one of London's attractions in a different way. Will definitely be heading back there next year1

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