Monday, June 13, 2011

1940's Blitz Night

A few post's ago I wrote about the 1920's Prohibition night - well the same company who organises those also organises a 1940's Blitz Night so me and a few friends went along to check it out.

After raving about the last one She and I recruited a few more people - including some guy friends into dressing up 1940's wartime era and going along to the event. When we got there we saw that the place had been set up to match the era - sandbags up the walls, cocktail bars made out of rationing materials and of course several jazz bands on stage. Everyone looked amazing and I spent the night pretty much telling everyone they looked fabulous because everyone scrubbed up so well.

There isn't much I could write about to describe how amazing the atmosphere was at the party and how much fun I had dancing, chatting and waving my British flags. So like the 1920's night I've put together a slide show so the photos can speak for themselves.

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