Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Perfect Summer Evening

I feel like this blog should be retitled 'Awesome Things To Do In London During Summer' because I recently went to yet another awesome event (and have heaps more to tell you all about in upcoming posts). This time it was the Open Air Theatre at Regents Park.

I had been going on for ages about how I would love to go to see a play at Shakespeare's Globe which is an open air theatre that is a replica of the original (just moved a few hundreds yards across). But a friend of a friend said that we should check out the open air theatre in Regents Park because they enjoyed it more so we got tickets to see 'Lord of The Flies' and headed there on a sunny evening after work.

We were lucky with the weather and it was a gorgeous summer evening and we had a really nice stroll through Regents Park which is perfect in the summer because all the flowers are out and the trees are all green and everyone is out enjoying the summer sun. Once we arrived at the theatre we picked up our BBQ that we had bought with our ticket which was a yummy beef burger and sat on one of the picnic tables in the sun while we ate our meals and had a cider.

At around 7.30 we headed into our seats for the show and were amazed at the set. They had placed a crashed plane and all the debris amongst the dirt and the trees which so suited the story (as it is based on an Island). The actors who played all the boys from the book played their part so well and the way the show was directed was great. I am no theatre connoisseur by any means but even I know when something is done well and this show certainly was.

By half time the sun had mostly gone down and when we went out to the bar for our half time drinks we had champagne while we wandered through all the fairy lights in the garden that had been turned on. It was hard to believe that this awesome night out was tucked away out of sight in one of London's biggest and busiest parks. We could have been in the middle of nowhere!

The second half of the show was even better than the first (its when all the action happens) and as it had been so long since I had read the book I had slightly forgotten the ending. It was such a fun night out (and a pretty cheap one when you think about what we got for the ticket price) and once again - another awesome thing to do in the London summertime!

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