Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bionic Woman

After six months of hobbling around it was finally time to get my knee fixed. Since hurting it on my Croatian adventure in September last year I had had a few months of tests and waiting lists before I could get surgery. I had managed to tear two cartilages meaning I needed keyhole day surgery. I had to get one of them fixed and the other removed, so added to my screws from previous knee surgery I was going to be a new bionic woman.

I was a little apprehensive about having surgery being so far away from my family and boyfriend but thankfully I had a great support group with my friends in London and was well looked after. Shea was my nurse who picked me up, made me endless cups of tea and cheered me up when I was feeling a little down. All my other friends popped round at different stages bringing me flowers and magazines and I couldn't tell you the amount of movies and tv that was watched during my first few days after surgery.

When having my consultation I was told I would be on crutches for two weeks meaning I had to work from home for this time. I was surprised to be up and walking on my knee within two days and while it was a bit achy and sore the pain wasn't too bad. Since I was so mobile I decided to head down to family friends house in Hawkesbury and recover and recuperate down there while catching up with friends I hadn't seen in ages.

It was so nice to be out of London and have a change of scenery after being stuck on the ground floor of my flat for four days. The best part was having company throughout the day as everyone was back at work and there is only so much TV you can watch. It was also good to start using my brain again and work from home while I was just sitting around.

Since my knee was recovering so well I was only out of action for a week which was welcome news. It felt good to get out and about and get my London speed walk going again. It makes such a difference while commuting around London not having to worry about every step. Even better still it leaves me much more energy and freedom for some more adventures! So prepared to be bombarded with what I have been up to since recovering from surgery.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stag Do

I think it shows that I'm finally growing up when friends of mine start getting married and this weekend just gone I went to my very first Hens party. It actually turned into more of a 'Stag' do the hen not wanting a traditional kind of do.

We first gathered at Soho Hotel where we sipped champagne and cocktails while we feasted on high tea. We played a few party games about the bride and groom while getting to know each other. From there it was onto a cocktail bar for happy hour where we got into the serious business of kicking off the party. By this stage all the relatives and oldies had gone home so we were free to do some tequila shots!

The shots were a part of the dutch courage we needed before heading over to Lucky Voice karaoke for a couple of hours of shenanigans. This part of the night was a surprise to Julia (the hen) and we were a little worried it would be hard to get her to sing but as soon as we got there she was lining up her song choice and grabbing the mike.

The karaoke place was great as we had our own little private room where you could create a long playlist and all dance around and sing. The room also came with a handy dress up box with blow up guitar and hats and wigs. The best part was a little button you could press to call the waitress for more drinks. A few more bottles of prosecco and we sung the night away.

From there it was on to a club where the party continued and I had had a great time with the girls singing and dancing and having fun. It was only my first hen's night but I would have to say it was a great one and if they are all going to be as much then then I hope more of my friends will get married soon!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Since I spent my Christmas at home I was a bit sad to be missing the most likely time for it to snow but luckily for me the cold snap hit later then last year and in the first week in February we got some snow!

It first started snowing on Saturday night as Lauren and I were heading to the cinema and while it is pretty when it drops down I was a bit worried it wasn't going to stick. Thankfully after we came out of the cinema the ground was covered in the glorious white stuff and it looked like it was sticking.

I was so excited I almost wasn't able to sleep and as soon as I woke up the next morning I got ready in all my layers, puffa jacket, snow boots and woolen accessories I was all geared up for some snowy play time. I was too excited I even forgot to take the sled. I ended up meeting Lauren, Ainsley, Dan, Katie and Laura up at Wimbledon Common and soon got stuck into snowman building, snow ball fights and snow angels.

It was so much fun being a big kid and playing in the snow but the worst part about this is the transport pretty much shuts down.
I had plans on the other side of London but due to transport issues it would take hours. Although I was bummed to miss out on the original plans the substitute wasn't so bad either. We found a great new pub in Wimbledon and settled down in the warmth for a Sunday lunch and a cider.

It was glad that the snow happened on a weekend so I had the chance to go and play in it. The snow was so fleeting it only happened for the weekend but I was at least glad that we got a little bit and I didn't miss out while I was away.