Monday, June 27, 2011

Too Much Alcohol, Too Much Chocolate, Rollercoasters

Things that make you puke.

Hahaha gross I know but that was how the invite started for my friend Danielle's birthday event invite. She had decided that instead of the usual dinner and drinks kind of shenanigans that usually ensue around birthdays that she would have a day out at London's closest theme park - Thorpe Park.

A group of seven of us made our way out to Thorpe Park on a sunny day all excited and ready to re-live our childhood by going on rollercoasters, eating thousands of lollies and basically causing havoc.

For those at home in Australia Thorpe Park is similar to Dreamworld where it has no particular theme (like Seaworld) but has just a whole bunch of rides. We decided that our first stop for a ride we would 'take it easy' and no go on anything too crazy yet so we went on a ride that we were swung from one side to the other at great force. Hmmm probably not the 'easiest' ride to go on but it certainly got us in the mood for more rides.

As it was a Saturday the lines were pretty hectic so sometimes there was an hour wait or more. For some of the rides you could buy express passes for £3 or £4. We were wanting to go on the Colossus which was the worlds only 10 loop rollercoaster but not keen on waiting an hour and a half. That £3 was probably the best investment I had ever made because those 10 loops made it the best rollercoaster I have ever been on. It was so much fun and actually a nice long ride - there is nothing worse then waiting for an hour for a 30 second ride.

Well actually that was exactly what we did for the next one. It was called the stealth and it went from 0 - 80 kph in 2.5 seconds and it was hiiiiiiiiiiigh! We waited in the sun for about an hour continuously watching this thing go up and down and hearing hundreds of people scream at the top of their lungs. I love rides and rollercoaster but even this one made me slightly nervous. Eventually when it came to our time I was happy to get out of the sun and have a sit down - even if it was only for 30 seconds. The ride was fun and you felt like you had left your stomach back at the starting point. I also did a lot of screaming! I think poor James and Danielle (the only other two who braved it) were deaf after sitting next to me.

I won't go on and tell you about every ride we went on (even though most of them were pretty good) because that would be pretty boring. What I will tell you was that we really did go crazy like kids - having macca's for lunch, a whole bucket of pick and mix lollies, followed by a sugar high and then a sugar crash and just basic shenanigans around the theme park. It was fun to get out of London (even only slightly) and do something that I wouldn't normally do on a weekend in London as most birthdays include copious amounts of alcohol. I would totally recommend it for a day out to any Londoners if they are wanting to be a kid again and looking for something fun to do.

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