Monday, June 13, 2011

Being Posh At The Polo

After a busy weekend at Zoo Lates followed by the Blitz Party its is hard to believe that we all backed it up again and hit up our third London Summer event in a weekend. This time is was the Mint Polo In The Park.

The Polo had been organised as a fun international competition that tried to generate more interest in the game as previously it has only been something watched or played by the exclusively rich posh toffs (or so I am told). We were lucky enough to snag half price tickets so there was a group of 12 of us that went. I hosted a champagne breakfast at my place to get us in the mood with champers, croissants and fruit as we all got dolled up and ready to go. Most of us were nursing hangovers, blisters from our heels and overall general tiredness to really make a go of drinking in the morning on a Sunday but we gave it our best shot.

About five seconds after we left my house to get the bus up to the Polo it started POURING down with rain. Fantastic. So our nicely curled hair and make up got ruined, it instantly became cold in our dresses and the mood of the day immediately deflated. Still we soldiered on and got to the polo where we picked up some drinks and some more food (crazy really since we just scoffed breakfast) while we waiting around for the polo to start.

The event was pretty cool with heaps of different little market stalls and a Harrods Food Hall and even a few pop up bars including a Vervue Clique private posh area. Most of the fun was the people watching with many of the posh people in their jackets and suits and also many of the chavs in their short dresses, chunky heels and hair extensions. There were also lots of people looking great in between.

About 20 minutes before the first Polo match the rain started to pour down again so we took cover in the closest bar (how convenient) which had a tropical theme so we helped ourselves to a Pina Colada that was served in a pineapple. After standing around huddles in the bar chatting for a few minutes we braved the elements to go and watch the first polo match. Unfortunately we couldn't see very much due to most people in front of us standing under umbrellas. After a few minutes of this someone casually suggested maybe going back to my local pub for a drink and a roast. The idea of standing in the rain while our heels sunk into the mud while we can't see the polo versus the idea of sitting in a cosy pub eating a warm yummy roast was too good of an idea to refuse so we gave up against the rain and decided to head off.

Just as we were heading off they made an announcement that we could all go onto the field to put in the divots back in as was the tradition at polo matches. We had been talking about in the bar how we would love to do it like they do in 'Pretty Woman' so we ran out onto the pitch to find some divots to pop back in like ladies. We pretty much just started stamping on the ground as we couldn't really find any that weren't already done but it was fun to do all the same.

With that little bit of excitement over we headed back to my local pub where we settled in for the afternoon with a warm yummy roast, couple of drinks and a few rounds of rummikub (or however it is spelt). Sadly the weather put a fast end to us being posh at the polo but it was still a fun day out overall. Maybe next yeah I will go again with the hopes that it will be sunny and I can actually see a whole Polo game!

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