Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

One of the things I have wanted to do MOST in London was go to Shakespears Globe and see a Shakespearean play. Last year I had only just settled in London and didn't really get around to looking into it before the season ended so this year I made sure I booked our tickets with plenty of time in advance (two months!!). This year there was a couple of Shakespears works being played and some other plays from around that era. We decided to opt out of the Tradegy (Hamlet) and go and see Much Ado About Nothing.

The Globe is located along the Thames which provides a pretty perfect backdrop for a good night out. So we grabbed dinner at a place near by for a quick catch up before the show. We were lucky with the weather as it was clear and not too chilly and even thought we had 'restricted viewing' seats we had a pretty good view of the whole stage.

Apart from the two plays I had studied at high school (Romeo and Juliet & Hamlet) I hadn't had much experience with Shakespeare so I was pretty lucky that Shea had a quick look on Wikipedia and gave me a brief run down about what the play was about. The play itself was performed really well and I could follow it easily. They portrayed it perfectly and we actually spent most of the time laughing. I was even happily surprised that there was a famous actor in the players. Well famous if your a fan of Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Do you remember the butler Geoffery? He played Hero's father! I spent the first half thinking 'is it? or isn't it?... wait? ...really?... is it?!!'.

It was the second outdoor theater I have been to this year and I've got to say it may be a new addiction. Both have been awesome nights out and while I was never a particular theatre buff or massively into seeing plays it has been something that I've really come to enjoy. I hope that next summer I get to go again!

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